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How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon - The Hidden World

Immersive Screening - Islington, London

A unique experiential film screening for one of 2019s highest grossing films, working as the Senior Producer for the event agency Broadwick Agency.

We rallied over one hundred of the industries top creatives and production peoples to help achieve the impossible. An old Music Hall three stories under ground with no power, heating or toilets but we thought was an incredible option to recreate the ‘Hidden World’ (if you haven’t already, go watch the film and you will soon understand fully.)

We had 17 working days, over the Christmas period and a vast creative to bring to life. It was an amazing way to start the year.

Forge Fireplace.jpg


It was super important to find my inner child and really immerse myself in all three films in the trilogy. I had a huge amount of fun building the Viking world of Berk, making this playful, engaging and allowing the audience to pop out all looking like vikings by the time it was ready to watch the film. Dragon training & graduation, UV face painting, Gobber’s Blacksmithing forge, the Horney Viking Bar, a Toothless green screen ride and Ruffnut’s Hair Salon. Oh, and my favourite, Sheep Dunk!

Berk Bar Seating Area.jpg
Sheep Dunk.jpg


Wow, the Millenial world of influencers is overwhelming and this event invited thousands of them to explore and shout about the film.

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Film Premiere

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and would love to continue to support the film industry in creating magical moments living in film. I love working in challenging spaces too and would be keen to work here again now I know all the solutions to a beast of a venue!

Do get in touch if you would like support with your next film premiere.

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