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Staff Swim to Bestival, Isle of Wight

Safety boat you say…

I have always wanted to do some wild swimming, and I think it is important to find ways of fundraising in your day to day life. So when I saw that it was the 10th year of Swim to Bestival I gathered the few willing peoples in the core Bestival team and we got into training.

Based in Bristol, I found an incredible open water swimming centre super close to the city. Hand made by mad Mike, get changed in a shed and then jump in amongst the fish and be coached through those shocking first breathes where you are encouraged to let the ice water into your wetsuit.

Having felt massively under prepared, swim day arrived super quickly and we all arrived by boat to the nearest land point to the IOW only to discover that the marketing team had booked Red Bull’s camera team to come and film the entire thing! No pressure!

The conditions were as perfect as we could have hoped for, however, after about 45minutes of swimming, it did feel like we had got further away from our landing point! Soon after, the safety boats dod their rounds and asked us to climb on board as the tide that we were expecting to turn, had in fact taken us over a mile in the wrong direction! Opps!

We still all got the glory moment, and one or two of the team avoided the safety boats completely, but we were all thrown back in again to do the final leg to the beach where a crowd of kind people holding several bottled of bubbles cheered us in.