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Rock n Rumble

Rock n Rumble

Lets get ready to rock and rummmmmmmble!


Round One: The Participants

35 brave Bristolians signed up with Temwa to for the fight of their lives. None of the team has any experience with professional olympic wrestling but with a strong determination the team trusted in champion Saeed and attended 2 coaching sessions a week for 8 weeks. The results were incredible, and yes, a few fallen warriors, but the 30 remaining teamed up, dressed up and put their learning into action and the first ever comedy charity wrestling tournament.

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Round Two: The Live Event

I have never organised an event like this and with a super speedy lead time the pressure was on to source hosts, judges, a bookie (yes, we set up a gambling corner) and things like wrestling mats/safety mats and a platform for one performer to drive his Harley Davidson in for the grand entrance.

Circomedia’s St Pauls Church hosted the event and were, as always, incredibly supportive and rigged an impressive boxing ring lighting rig!

All these events added to the insane energy in the room and this momentum was soon picked up by the BBC who came and filmed live for that evenings news!


Round Three: The evolution of R&R

Rock n Rumble was such a success, there is no surprise that one of the founders Dave Nettleton decided to run with it. For more information you can visit their website: www.rocknrumblewrestling.com

More recently, with the support of the incredible Coach Saeed, Temwa presented the first Bristol Come Dancing which uses a similar model to successful fundraise through producing creative events.

Esmaeli Wrestling continue their incredible work with several fundraisers under the name Wrestling for humanity.


Check out the training video here…

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